Wednesday 6 June 2007

TGRWT#3 is here!

This month Martin from asked me to host the fabulous They Go Really Well Together foodblogging event, which has only reached its third round.

Never heard of the event? Really? Or just curious whether it really is what you think it is? Well, TGRWT is about pairing ingredients that have similar volatile aroma compounds. Or in less words - smell alike. It is about bringing together certain ingredients just because chemistry tells you to do so. Why are we talking about smell, but not taste? It's been discovered that only 20% of what we "taste" is perceived by the tongue and 80% by the receptors in the nose. Ingredients that have similar volatile aroma compunds should, in theory, go together well. Wanna test?

Round one was hosted by Martin himself and used garlic, coffee and chocolate, round two was hosted by Tara from Should you eat that and mixed together banana and parsley. This month's theme is my favourite so far. Get ready for cooking with... (can you feel the excitement?)

Strawberry and coriander!

The rules of TGRWT#3 are as follows:

  1. Prepare a dish using strawberry and coriander. Use an existing recipe or create your own. You can use whatever ingredients that you like besides these two in you dish.
  2. Post about the recipe in your blog (with TGRWT#3 in the title!) and add a photo of it. Include a link to this post and a link to the round-up once it has been posted. Readers will be particularily interested in how the flavour pairing worked out, so make an attempt at describing the succession of taste and aroma and whether or not you liked the dish and why.
  3. The deadline for posting is the 1st of July
  4. Send me an email at evelingrauen (at) hotmail (dot) com with the following details: your name, the country/city where you are from, the name of your blog, the URL of your post and a picture of your dish to include in the round-up.
  5. The round-up will be posted in a few days after the 1st of June
  6. If you don't have a blog, but want to take part of the event, just email me your entry with your details and description of the dish - I will gladly include it in the round-up.
Now off you go to buy fresh strawberries and coriander! Or feel free to use coriander seeds, dried strawberries, strawberry juice...whatever you like. And don't forget - let me know how things worked out in the kitchen by the 1st of July.

Still curious?
Learn more about flavour pairings and what Martin has to say about the combination of strawberry and coriander in his blog.

Good luck! Don't burn your fingers!


Tara said...

Evelin, I am so glad Martin went with my suggestion of having you host the next round! You are going to be a great host.

As for the combination - I LOVE strawberries... coriander, not so much! Actually, i would go as far as to say I hate it - strong words I know. Oh well, I am willing to give it a try in the name of science, I will just have to get my coriander loving mum to give a proper verdict on it.

Evelin said...

Tara, I promise I'm going to try my best!:)

And believing science...if you love strawberries, you should love coriander too!:D Luckily I love them both, I guess this is one of the reasons I chose this theme.

Good luck with having to eat coriander!;)

Johanna GGG said...

I like the sound of this - actually I am with tara in not being a fan of coriander but this sounds like a good way to try and challenge myself on this a little - am sure it will taste better with strawberries - hope to be sending an entry your way!

Evelin said...

Johanna, I'm hoping to see your entry too! It's interesting to observe how people challenge their cooking skills, fantasy and sometimes also themselves by just eating what they have prepared. I really hope that this event will change your opinion about coriander!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to compete in the last event, count me in again! :)

Evelin said...

Dennis, it's wonderful! Your lasagne for the last round was a relly interesting find.

Helene said...

This might too late but can one use dry coriander or do we limit to fresh?

Evelin said...

Helen, it's not too late - there are still two days left!:)
Coriander can be used in whatever form you like the best - fresh or dried, seeds or leaves.
Waiting for your take on the combination already!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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