Sunday, 19 November 2006


Hi, I'm Evelin. Now we know each other.

I'm from Estonia, a little country between Finland, Latvia and Russia with the whitest heaps of snow in winter, two weeks of hot summer, backyards with the best apples in autumn and a population of over 1 million people, almost all of whom like to sing. Quite an overview:)

What am I doing here? Food ideas take up too much space in my head, not writing them down would just be plain criminal towards myself. Plus, I totally dig this community thingy of all food-mad people keeping in touch and sharing/robbing ideas.

Why Bounteous bites? Well, why not. Maybe I'm just into alliteration. Or maybe I'm just spontaneous. Go figure!

I'm really into new combinations and outrageous ideas in the kitchen and especially the moments when there's just practically nothing left at the house and I'm miraculously able to prepare something new, wacky and tasty (imagine the epic fails I've gone through)

Oh, and, I'm 19.

Estonian cuisine for me is three things that I love. I'm not overstating if I say we've definitely got one of the best dairy products in the world. High quality, friends. Our curd cheese 'kohupiim' is something I wouldn't want to live without.
We've got this saying - bread is older than us. And by 'bread' I mean rye bread. We've got such variety. It's our thing. It was once a custom that when a slice of bread fell to the floor, the person who dropped it had to apologize to the bread by giving it a kiss.
And, of course I won't forget kama - a traditional flour mix of different roasted and grounded grains (wheat, rye, barley) and legumes. It is usually eaten mixed into dairy products (buttermilk, yoghurt, curd cheese).

Now, about being polite. If you'd like to use my recipes or pictures, I'd really like to hear about it. Linking, at least, works everywhere.

If you'd like to reach me, I'm only that far - evelingrauen at hotmail dot com

Nice meeting you:)


moh777 said...

Hi Evelin

I am Mohamed (47) from Egypt. I saw your Blog while searching in google for "Curiosity Killed the Cat" pictures and strange enough your bacon rolls picture came out, so I followed the blog (I like cooking and I got curious, hehehe) and there came the baked garlic, the onion pie, the cheese tart and mmmmm.... my mouth just watered and I bookmarked the blog (I never knew Estonians cooked that good !!!) So I owe a big thank you and give mom my best regards too, she must a very nice lady to raise a girl as talented and sweet as you are :)

Berka said...

Tere Evelin!

Kasutasin oma blogis, Sinu tehtud Eesti lipu värvides koogi pilti ja samas muidugi viitasin Sinu blogile. Loodan, et see on ok :)

Ivo said...

Tere Evelin!

This is Ivo and I am a 24 year old Bulgarian currently here in Estonia for some company training in Tartu. Ever since I came here I've been literally blown away by Estonian cuisine. For the past one and a half months I have barely ever found some food I didn't like here. I stumbled upon your blog looking for a recipe for Saiavorm after tasting and loving the one from the supermarket (of all places) a couple of times. In defense of the ladies there I must say it was quite delicious - soft at the bottom and almost crunchy at the top and sprinkled with what seemed to be ground walnuts. Your recipe however seems to be way more refined and I'm really looking forward to trying it out (and many more of your delicious recipes) myself when I get back home. I think your blog is an awesome resource for modern estonian recipes and I'm looking forward to coming back to it again.

Andrew said...

hey, i found your blog looking for khachapuri recipes.
please post more! i love the stuff you have posted and it's given me loads of ideas!

Sonia said...

Hi!!! I just discovered this blog and it is FANTASTIC! I've spent a large amount of the last 3 days reading through it. I was so disappointed to see that the most recent entry was over 2 years ago.... If you are still in the blogiverse, please, please please post more!

Lindy said...

dear Evelin,
Your recipes look wonderful but I am perplexed by a measurement you use!
Please tell me what "dl" means