Friday, 6 June 2008

Overdose of sweet from coconut honey

When I take home a can of coconut milk, it's almost always with the thought 'I have no idea where it's going to take me this time'. Sorry if I'm making it sound like an adventure story, but guessing where the canful will eventually end up is like guessing where Indiana Jones will find himself after climbing down a suspicious ladder.

Poor coconut milk found itself in a jar this time, stuck in there together with some sticky good honey and vanilla seeds.

Never seen Indiana Jones in a sweet situation like that after climbing down any ladder, that's for sure...

Coconut honey with vanilla

3 dl coconut milk
1 dl honey
half a vanilla pod
1 tbsp butter
  1. Measure coconut milk and honey into a saucepan. Cut the vanilla pod in half and add.
  2. Boil the mixture without a lid over low heat until it turns thicker, about 15 minutes.
  3. Add butter.
  4. Pour the mixture into a jar, close it and leave to cool at room temperature. Store in the fridge.

So what does it taste like? Imagine the word pair 'coconut honey' melting on your tongue, sweet and gooey, girly from the touch of vanilla.

I had my first taste on a chocolate dessert with bilberries, but I imagine it being syrupy good on ice cream or just plain yoghurt. And I'd like to drizzle it onto a bowlful of fresh strawberries. How's that for adventurously good?

This recipe will also take part in the A Fruit A Month event hosted by Tasty Palettes, themed Coconut. Coconut's a fruit, my friends, a fruit:)


Suganya said...

That blueberry bowl would make for an indulgent breakfast. Of course, we are getting the fruit serving ;). Thanks for the entry, Evelin. Is dl decilitre?

Island Girls said...

Your recipes look great and anything with Coconut.. ah heck and honey.

Will give that a try for breakfast on Blueberries.

foodhoe said...

oh that sounds like a delicious combination! What is under the berries, yogurt?

Evelin said...

suganya, as long as there IS a fruit serving, everything's fine;)

island girls, thanks! and DO tell me how it goes for you!

foodhoe, thanks! it's just a store-bought chocolate dessert with semolina. but yoghurt would suit just as fine;)

linda said...

Delicious, wonderful combination! I'm imagining eating it right from the spoon :)

Mike of Mike's Table said...

This sounds like such a delightful indulgence. I'll have to try this

Evelin said...

linda, thank you! And I must admit eating it right from the spoon can be overly addicting..

mike, thanks! I hope you try it, it's worth it!

C.L. said...

YUM! I will definately try this! Thank you so much for sharing...and the pics are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

what is dl?

dubai madame said...

do i have to store it in the fridge ?

Anonymous said...

yes i would love to know what a dl is, i am trying to make this recipe before wednesday and I must know!

Evelin said...

Anonymous, Google is your friend:) You can check out this deciliter conversion, for example:

Anonymous said...

This is great on top of peanut butter toast! Thx for the recipe.