Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fennel bites with liver pâté

I sometimes have this habit of eating while I'm reading. Or rather, reading while I'm eating. Or, well, I don't know. I often spend my mornings like that when I don't have time for both eating slowly and devouring the morning newspaper, two things that make a morning complete (add morning workout and I'm in heaven).

But this one day I was deep in a book when my stomach called for lunch, so I just prepared some easy bites for myself to enjoy while reading on. Non-fat for fingertips, full-fat delight for that stomach of mine.

And those bites now totally want to visit a party with snacks.

Fennel bites with liver pâté
Fennel bulb
Liver pâté
Fennel greens, dill or chives for decorating
  1. Cut the fennel bulb in half and cut its layers into nice bite-size 'boats'.
  2. Top the fennel bites with liver pâté. Use a pastry bag for this or make a nice heap with a teaspoon.
  3. Place fennel greens, dill or chives on top for great taste and decoration.
It's amazing how the flavours suit together. The sweetness and freshness of the fennel is just what a bite of liver pâté needs in order to be reached for again and again. It balances the strong and rich pâté perfectly. That's why I was especially fond of the thick fennel slices - the pâté does want something fresh at its side (hence the usual company of cucumber).
I used dill on top of the bites and believe I'd enjoy it more than just fennel greens as it makes the flavour pattern wider.

Yep, I recommend.

This post will take part of the first round of the event Original Recipes, hosted by Lore of Culinarty.


Lore said...

What a gorgeous appetizer! I'm sure fennel does a great job at balancing the liver pate's richness.
Thanks for participating!

We Are Never Full said...

I love this idea. i also LOVE raw fennel so this is a winner to me!