Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Appetising lettuce rolls with smoky red fish

All kinds of snack rolls are essentially cool. But as is the case with most dishes, there's something inside us screaming 'I WANT TO EAT SEASONAL'! And despite all the coolness factor in ham rolls with cheese filling, I don't quite feel like them now. Come on, it's not even raining. And the hold-your-skirt-or-you'll-go-home-without-it wind does not really count.

Even though I didn't know it before, I now know that lettuce can be rolled into a cool summery appetiser.

That's why they invented the phrase sex, drugs 'n' lettuce rolls, baby!

Lettuce rolls with smoky red fish

lettuce leaves
light grapes

about 200 g garlic flavoured cream cheese
1/2 dl diced tomatoes
1/2 dl pieces of smoked red fish
1 tbsp raisins
  1. Mix cream cheese with diced tomatoes, smoked fish and raisins.
  2. Spread the mixture onto lettuce leaves and make them into rolls. Place them into the fridge for a half an hour (I didn't do that, but it will make the filling stiffer).
  3. Cut the rolls into bite-sized pieces and top with a grape and a raisin.

They actually have this fresh feeling to them, which is unusual for this kind of appetisers. There's just about enough smoky fish flavour that is complemented by the sweetness of the raisins. The grapes are good on the rolls, but I'm wondering if olives would do an even better job. Next time, right?


Chuck said...

"Sex, drugs 'n' lettuce rolls"... brilliant! It definitely looks like a tasty summery appetiser.

Although ham rolls with cheese filling sounds good too. It's always chilly in the evenings in San Francisco! ;-)

Sophie said...

I think the grapes make them tasty and pretty, but I am an olive fan, so maybe both would be great! This does look like a fresh snack, btw. :)

Evelin said...

chuck, thanks! there's always an excuse, right?;) it started raining here yesterday...

sophie, thank you! next I just have to make both:)