Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lemon truffles with a pepper-warm coating

Sneaky truffles, I'd say. In a sense that their lemon-y filling and pepper-warm coating together create an almost healthy feeling in your mouth. Lemon-y and warm. Just like a cuppa hot tea, only that actually you eat a handful of truffles!;)

Lemon and black pepper are another great combination magnifico that I strongly advise to try in all variations that come to mind!

Lemon truffles with a pepper-warm coating
(makes about 30)

200 g white chocolate
½ dl double cream
at least 1 tbsp lemon juice

160 g white chocolate
¼ - ½ tsp black pepper

  1. Chop the chocolate to little pieces.
  2. Heat the double cream to boiling point and pour it onto the chocolate ight away. Mix well, until the mixture is smooth. Add lemon juice. Place the mixture into the fridge for about a half an hour.
  3. Make little balls out of the mixture and then place them into teh fridge to harden for some more time.
  4. Melt te remaining chocolate over a waterbath and add pepper to it. Coat the truffles with this chocolate and let them harden on foil or on parchment paper. Store in the fridge.

White chocolate, that often feels so cloy, gains freshness and vividness from the lemon juice. If white chocolate were a lady of respectable age then in these truffles she'd certainly be young again...:) At first the pepper is a balancing flavour but in the end it leaves the mouth sighing warmly in the most pleasant way possible. Contrasts and novelty. Freshness and warmth.

One thing's for sure. Black pepper declares itself as a true dessert spice. I recommend to remember that;)

This entry also participates in the most gorgeous food blogging event of all, Sugar High Friday. This time the host is the wonderful Helen of Tartelette and the theme (again!) CITRUS.


Anonymous said...

hi, just wondering... what is a dl?

Evelin said...

A dl is a decilitre, my dear. One cup equals 2,36 dl-s. The Internet is filled with measure converters;)

linda said...

Ohhh, yum! I love white chocolate and now I'm curious about the addition of pepper :)

Joe said...

I love the addition of the pepper - just enough "bite" to contrast the sweet chocolate!

Sophie said...

wow, these are amazing. I've never even thought of adding pepper to a dessert. Yes, the combo of ingredients does remind me of a warm cup of tea. I'd really like to try making these on a cool, winter day; I'm bookmarking this recipe :D.

Evelin said...

linda, you better be! it's worth it;)

joe, thanks! you're so right:)

sophie, thanks! hope you like them once you make them!

Helen said...

I am sorry for being sucha distant godmother these days...this SHF round up is kicking my butt! I am so thrilled to see your entry! Pepper and chocolate are perfect together...and add citrus to it: perfect!!
P.S: I need you to hire you to answer some of the emails I receive...

Patricia Scarpin said...

These are so unusual! So beautiful.

Evelin said...

helen, thanks! what sums are we talking about?;)

patricia, thank you!

C.L. said...

You have quite the talent. I know of lemon and pepper in savory dishes, why didn't I think of it for sweets too!!!! Beautiful idea!


balletmama said...

Hello Evelin...

I've made these truffles and they are quite divine! I'd like to post a link to this recipe from my blog.. that be okay?