Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Drink your carrots!

I simply love these summer mornings. First a run in the sun, then radio playing in the kitchen, watching people walking by in the street as I'm having a light breakfast... Really, what could be better? Sunbathing in the garden? Smelling grilled meat and fresh cut lawn while walking along streets in the evening?

As I have stated before, I love carrots. But it's true it's the first time I've actually drunk them. A milkshake is a perfect start for a day. More honey (or sugar instead) may be added for a sweeter drink, but how much sweetness does one need when there are birds singing, even shouting, outside and the sun touches the cheeks through the kitchen window during breakfast? Moderate sweetnees is very fine with me!

Carrot and orange milkshake
(serves 1)

50 g boiled carrots
1 dl milk
1 dl orange juice
1 tsp honey

1. Puree the carrots.
2. Add milk and puree until the mixture is smooth.
3. Add orange juice and honey.

The milkshake's texture is really silky. The flavour of orange juice is the one that strikes first, but the aftertaste of every sip is definitely the one of carrot's. The drink is just moderately sweet and really refreshing, a little bit foamy. It would go well as an evening 'snack' as it is healthy as well. A strawberry or an orange slice and some almond slices make a good presentation - for the milkshake to be as lovely as the weather outside.


Karin said...

I began drinking carrot juice about 15 years ago during a stay in Larnaca, Cyprus. They were offering freshly made carrot juice at the beach. I liked it very much and drank a lot but I didn´t turn yellow. Some people do.

Evelin said...

Karin, some people even suggest to drink carrot juice to improve the look of the skin. As I'm always very pale, I've thought about it - maybe I should try drinking it for some time? But then again - would not want to turn yellow, would I?

Fariza said...

yeah i like carrot, because i use glasess now. Carrot have Vitamin A, which good for our eyes. well i made a few juice, but the result still not really good, well happy drinking