Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Back to when I was five years old ... a childhood dessert reconstructed

Waiting at the small kitchen table.
'Is it ready yet?'
-'Could you just wait a little more?'

And then, after some time, mom gives me a soup plate filled with white milk kissel with blasting vanilla flavour. The excitement! The sweet taste of a favourite dessert!

There was a time when milk kissel would have been my first (and last) choice for a dessert and this is the scene that come's to my mind whenever I'm remembered about it. But, unfortunately, my memories about the dessert end with that time. Milk kissel hasn't come around for - let me see - ages. It might be just that we've grown out of it, so I figured the dessert needed some reconstruction.

Here - renovated, all new, a modern milk kissel - here you go!

Coconut milk kissel
(adapted from '100 Magustoitu' by Lia Virkus and Pille Enden)
serves 4

1/2 l milk
1/2 l coconut milk
1 dl sugar
3/4 dl potato/corn starch
1 tsp vanilla sugar

1. Bring coconut milk and milk to a boil in a saucepan, add sugar
2. Dissolve starch in a bit of water and add to milk, stirring vigorously.
3. Let the kissel reach its boiling point, but don't let it boil, remove it from the heat
4. Flavour with vanilla
5. Let the kissel cool down, stirring occasionally to prevent the forming of 'kissel skin'
6. Serve with jam or with cinnamon sprinkled over the dessert.

To create the dish I just substituted half of the milk in the original recipe with coconut milk - the taste came through in perfect proportion with everything else. The dessert is silky, sweet and has a lovely scent of vanilla. I prefer eating it when it's still a bit warm, but it's also great when it has cooled down completely - especially on a hot day like this! And on a hot day like this it's essential to spend more time outside and enjoy quick meals - this dessert is one great example.

You know what? One day my kids are going to ask me for this milk kissel!:D


Patricia Scarpin said...

Evelin, it's the first time I see this dish but I can tell I'd love it!

Evelin said...

Patricia, it's the first time for me too!:) Go ahead and try making it, it's perfect for a weekday dessert - you WILL love it!

Brilynn said...

I'd never heard of milk kissel before, but I love coconut so it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

I love your banner pic!

lobstersquad said...

hi there
I´m still missing estonia, you´re lucky to be there!
thanks for looking into my blog, I´ve only just seen your comment, very distracted of me.

Evelin said...

brilynn - you'd be surprised if you tried it! thank you!

ximena - if you ever happen to come here again, drop by and say hello:)

Anonymous said...

i just made this with cocoon and it is so tasty. I love it! And your blog makes me happy! Greetings from Finland! said...

It can't really have effect, I think this way.