Monday, 24 September 2007

Ever smelt a garden full of roses? Ever tasted one?

I finally-finally got my hands on rosewater. Rosewater is a product that is basically made using rose petals and water. It was first produced in Persia and has been used in South Asian, West Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines for flavouring desserts. Its wonderfully floral scent is overcome only by the fact that eating or drinking something that's made with rosewater is like tasting a rose garden.

Imagine a warm summer day in a garden full of roses.
Now imagine you are tasting this day.
This is rosewater.

For my first attempt to use rosewater I chose a simple rosewater lassi - a sweet Indian yoghurt drink.

Rosewater lassi
(from the Estonian magazine Oma Maitse, serves 2-3)

5 dl unflavoured yoghurt
1 dl cold water
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp rosewater
1/2 tsp crushed/ground cardamum
(ice and rose petals for serving)
  1. Mix yoghurt, water, sugar, rosewater and cardamum well
  2. If you wish, add ice cubes or crushed ice and rose petals for serving

I'd just call the recipe flowery breakfast, because that's what it is for me. It has quite a strong cardamum taste - if you like cardamum, you'll probably love it. I like using ground cardamum because then there's a splash of taste in every sip and no bits to get between your teeth. As for the ice - it's cold here in the North! No ice in my breakfast! I'll just have to wait for the summer for that...

Rosewater is not a very cheap treat, although only little portions are used at a time. If you grow your own roses, see these recipes for making your own rosewater.


papin.c said...

When the weather is warm I enjoy ice cold lemonade with rosewater and a bit of salt. It smells so good.

Evelin said...

Papin, I think I should give your idea a try - it sounds really good:)

Elisa said...

Kui tohib küsida, kus kohas Eestis roosivett müüakse (juhul kui sa ikka Eestist seda ostsid muidugi)? Ma olen seda juba mõnda aega otsinud ja olen alla andnud, et seda lihtsalt polegi ja peab kuskilt online'st otsima.

Evelin said...

Mõtlesin ise ka, et annan alla, sest otsisin juba juba kevadel. Arvasin, et on loogiline, et Stockist ikka sellist asja saab, aga seal mökitasid müüad küsimuse peale vastu ja pakkusid, et ma olen roosivee ise välja mõelnud.

Nüüd ostsin pudeli Piprapoest (hinda ja koostist vaata eestikeelsest osast). Sel nädalal jäi silma, et on ka Kaubamajja müügile tulnud. Asi areneb!