Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A delicious way of killing your cold

Usually people catch a cold. But, no, not me. I have a cold. Be it summer, be it winter, I've almost always got a runny nose. So I especially should try and eat myself healthy.

On Tuesday I made another try. I found myself eating a whole head of garlic! Yes, a whole head!:) But before you judge me and run away, consider this - it was a delicious way of getting better!

Oven baked garlic, my friends, has a wonderful scent.

Oven baked garlic
(from "K├╝├╝slauguraamat", serves 4)

4 heads of garlic
olive oil
(dried herbs to your liking)
  1. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Without peeling them, cut the garlic heads into two and place on the baking sheet (the cut side up)
  3. Drizzle the garlic with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Add any herbs you want.
  4. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes
It's best to eat the garlic while it's still warm. This way the cloves are quite mushy and are easy to mash with a knife, but they get firmer as they cool. Just slip the cloves out of their peels and serve over crispy bread. Or go fancy and add them to a salad or serve beside a meat dish. I plan to make a cream cheese spread with them soon, I'm sure of that. So what your fingers get a bit oily - lick them clean! The oil's flavoured with the delicious deep flavour of the garlic. The taste is mainly 'roasted', but there's a 'healthy' moment in the mouth too. It's all mushy. It's good.

I'd already made the recipe when I discovered the event Think spice...garlic hosted by Sunita. What a timing! This is my contribution - as garlicky as it gets:)


Mandy said...

A whole head of garlic? I have to try that one day. I can imagine the heady aroma of the roasted garlic served over buttered baguette. Yum! BTW, I love garlic, and certainly don't mind to eat LOTS of it. :)

LyB said...

Gorgeous looking garlic! I love the idea of making a cream cheese spread with roasted garlic, yummy! I wish I'd had a recipe like this during my last pregnancy, the only things I craved were garlic and onions :)

sunita said...

It surely doesn't get any more garlicky than this...I adore the smell of roasted garlic...thanks for sending it over.

Evelin said...

mandy, a buttered baguette sounds heavenly! Or, for me, a rye bread toast:)

lyb, you lucky woman! just think if the only thing you craved had been chocolate or bread;)

sunita, I'm sure that by the end of this month you'll feel more garlicky than this:)

Emiline said...

I know how you feel; I'm sick all of the time.
So my question is, did it work?
I would have no problem eating a head of roasted garlic.

cakebrain said...

you are one lucky blogger to have tartelette as your mama blogger! i love your blog and the fact that you're 17 is awesome...your writing is great. isn't it fantastic to connect with people around the world who share your passion?

Evelin said...

emiline, I try to convince myself it did;)

cakebrain, I'm lucky - I know!:) And thanks thanks thanks:)

made healthier said...

Looks good, I love this kind of garlic in savory dishes! :)

Tartelette said...

Roasted garlic rocks! On to that for my sick husband...and prepare one myself in case he has decides to share!

Evelin said...

made healthier, thank you! me too;)

tartelette, I hope it helps;)

barbie2be said...

i roasted garlic for the first time on thanksgiving. i then made the most heavenly garlic mashed potatoes ever with the fruits of my labor.

so good!