Thursday, 7 February 2008

Brown butter flavoured butter

Elegant, yet sinfully simple.
Er...just let me go and get myself a slice of bread!

Or, let's be serious. I'm a butter person. There's a reason why there's the word 'või' (butter') in the Estonian word 'võileib' (translates as 'sandwich', but literally means 'butter bread').

When I was little, I used to eat rye bread with a thick butter layer, taking tiny bites at a time. Then I got older and discovered the charm of cream cheese, but from time to time I still get a rye-bread-with-butter-now! craving or enjoy soft brown bread with a layer of butter and sprinkles of sea salt.
Last March Ideas in Food came out with the idea of brown butter flavoured butter. There's yet much to discover about the opportunities of using this ingredient, but -well- I do like a little treasure hunt. This one's a treasure for sure.

Brown butter flavoured butter
(Ideas in food)

Good quality butter
Sea salt
  1. Divide the amount of butter into two.
  2. Melt one part of the butter on a skillet and brown it until quite dark brown. Cool it (over an ice bath).
  3. Dice the remaining butter and add, whisking.
  4. Flavour with salt to taste.
The butter has a deep, an earthy taste of browned butter to it. Perfect for a festive table or just over bread for a weeknight dinner. I've only had the chance to eat it with brown bread and rye bread, but I imagine it complementing my broccoli with pistachio butter...


linda said...

Butter rules! I only have real butter in the margarine allowed ;)
Interesting...brown butter butter...

LisaRene said...

I too loved rye bread and butter as a chid :) I'd happily eat it cold or toasted, just loved it!

Serving brown butter as a condiment is a great idea. It is a "sophisticated" adult version of rye bread and butter :)

Anonymous said...

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