Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Marshmallows for my Valentine

It's this time of the year again and this year there had to be something better than muffins with burnt bottoms. Something sweet. Something pink. Something...marshmallow. I did adore these sweets when I was little and bought them in those lovely plastic cornets whenever I had the money and chance to do so. Although food colourings are put far away at our house, Valentine's day means time for some red paint on luscious sugar candies. Because there has to be a time for that every year.

Marshmallows with a hint of rum

5 dl sugar
2 1/2 dl water
1 dl water + 6 tsp gelatin
some liquid red food colouring
rum essence

for coating:
1 2/2 dl powdered sugar
4 tbsp starch

1. dissolve sugar in water
2. bring it slowly to a boil and boil, uncovered, for about 15 minutes
3. remove from heat and let cool a bit
4. soak gelatin in 1 dl water for some minutes and then warm it up (it's easiest to do it in the microwave, but you can use waterbath too). when the gelatin has dissolved let it cool a little.
5. mix together syrup, food coulouring, vanilla, rum essence and gelatin mixture. using an electric mixer, beat it up to form a thick mass (it took over 10 minutes for me).
6. pour the mixture into a baking dish (about 20 cm) that has been lined with film and let cool in the fridge.
7. when the mixture has jellied, cut it into pieces (put knife into hot water before cutting to make the process easier) and roll them in the mixture of powdered sugar and starch.

I'll take them to school with me along with Valentine's Day wishes. I would have never believed that marshmallows actually have almost nothing in them. Of course there is some really suspicious chemistry in the candies from these plastic scones, but...home-made...well-made. And marshmallows, especially home-made (and especially well-made) will hopefully catch smiles.

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