Friday, 15 June 2007

A cup of oat milk a day will keep the doctor away.

I'm a true meat-eater and milk-drinker, there's no question about it. There's just the tiny detail that I like to experiment, giving daily food a little twist. I have previously made cashew and almond milk and had inspiration to prepare oat milk after noticing oat milk ice cream while I was in Finland last year during a training camp. I really would have wanted to try it, but honestly - I wouldn't have been able to eat a whole litre of it!

Browsing through the web, I've discovered oat milk is good for one in innumerable ways. It can be useful when you've caught cold, have bronchitis or just feel powerless after a stressful day. For treatment it should be drunk several times a day during a longer period. And what if you aren't able to sleep? In case of sleeplessness and when you've caught cold, drinking a cup of warm oat milk with honey before going to bed should help. The difference between dairy milk and oat milk is also that oat milk is lactose and cholesterol free and is high in fiber. Don't you feel like drinking it already? Oat milk is also a source of vitamin E. So how's it done?

Oat milk
(makes about 7-8 dl)

2 dl oat flakes
3 dl+7 dl water (at least)
1 1/2 tbsp honey

1. Soak the oat flakes overnight with 3 dl of water.
2. Blend the oat flake mixture until smooth and then blend all the ingredients together until smooth liquid forms.
3. Strain it through a fine cheesecloth (which I couldn't find, but used a soft cotton cloth instead)
3. Store the oat milk in the fridge, keeps for some days

I gave you the healthy point of view.
But there's also the tasty point of view.

Oat milk can be a substitution to cow's milk in all kinds of dishes. It gives them an interesting accent. To be honest, I'd rather use it for cooking (in porridges, ice creams, smoothies...) than drinking it by itself, I prefer drinking nut milk and I do drink cow's milk, as you can probably remember. But the taste of oat milk is great for some dishes.
Buying oat milk from a store? I'll leave that to people who have a money tree growing in the backyard. Too bad I've only got flowers and parsley.


Patricia Scarpin said...

Evelin, what a wonderful idea!
It's the first time I see oat milk - I'm interested in trying!

Evelin said...

Thank you!
I'm always eager to introduce new ideas.AND I'm eager to try more with oat milk myself too.

lmontgom said...

Evelin: What is a dl? I'm in the US (:-)). I"m going to make oat milk; I bought it and love it. How do I make nut milk?

Pat said...

I read a few years ago in Veg Times that the best milk substitute to use in vegan mashed potatoes is oat milk along with olive oil.Though they don't taste exactly like the dairy version they are delicious in their own right. I think that they need to be seasoned a little more than the traditional version.

Tanya said...

What is a dl? Can you post the amounts using Cups, please?

katty said...

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Anonymous said...

dl is deciliter, and you can find the conversion on a site called, among others. The main problem is that deciliters works out to .422 cups. Not much help at all.
I think you can look at other recipes for oat milk measured in cups, to find out the amounts appropriate for her recipe.
I've found that most of them work out to about the same amounts of water. It has more to do with how thick you want it to end up, anyway.

New Thinker #1 said...

If you want it to taste good when you drink it, use rolled oats and only soak for 1/2 an hour (the longer you soak, the more slimy it can get after a few days) and instead of honey use maple syrup. I didn't like to drink it mixed with honey either but mixed with maple syrup I do. I also put a little cinnamon and coconut oil in it.